Providing Our Clients
with Direct Treatments & Services
Our Treatment Services

We offer our clients a wide range of Treatment options to that apply to directly to your needs. We provide in-depth therapy for any injury.

+ Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic treatment is designed to correct misalignment of joints and tissues in the body. A chiropractic adjustment involves applying controlled force or pressure to a joint that has become restricted due to injury or physical stresses. The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to restore mobility to the joint and relieve the pain caused by joint restriction. Dr. Mitzi Ferrill utilizes a Diversified Technique (manual treatment) to apply adjustments to the joints. If indicated or preferred, Dr. Mitzi Ferrill can apply treatment using an Activator adjusting tool.

+ Soft Tissue Treatment and Techniques

Dr. Mitzi Ferrill is certified in Upper Extremity Active Release Technique (ART). ART is a hands-on diagnoses and treatment for soft-tissue injuries, developed by Michael Leahy, D.C. CCSP. The goal of ART is to break down tissue adhesions, restore the tissue’s proper movement pattern, and release trapped nerves and blood vessels. When performing ART treatment, Dr. Mitzi simultaneously applies manual pressure to the affected area while gently stretching the tissue. This technique has proven to be a very effective method of relieving pain and facilitating healing for soft tissue injuries.

+ Therapeutic Rehabilitation Exercises

Dr. Mitzi Ferrill is certified in ADAPT Training, a method of rehabilitative therapy that was developed by Brian Cassidy and is based on 3 principles: the human body has a specific blueprint, it is an organism that adapts to its environment, and it needs a physical stimulus to produce a specific goal. ADAPT training is designed to activate and maintain a balanced muscular and skeletal system. In her initial patient examinations, Dr. Mitzi Ferrill identifies any muscle weaknesses and incorrect activation or non-activation of muscles surrounding the joints. She then provides both in-office and take-home ADAPT exercises for the patient to perform. These exercises are meant to create a balance among the relative strength of muscles surrounding the joints, in effect stabilizing the joint, decreasing pain and improving joint function.

+ Modification Recommendations

In order to help her patients reduce or eliminate pain, Dr. Mitzi Ferrill provides patients with lifestyle or activity modification recommendations. These recommendations are designed to help patients reduce chronic pain, prevent future musculoskeletal stress/injury and improve overall daily function. Some examples include: proper sitting ergonomics, proper lifting techniques, sleeping aids or techniques, stretches, and tips to improve posture.

+ Nutritional/Supplement Recommendations

Dietary modification and natural nutritional supplement recommendations are given to patients to decrease inflammation, promote healing of tissues, decrease joint pain, and improve immune system function.

+ Business Presentations

In order to help people reduce or eliminate pain and to improve business productivity, Dr. Mitzi Ferrill provides businesses with lifestyle or activity modification recommendations. These recommendations are designed to help individulas to reduce chronic pain, prevent injury and improve overall daily function within the work place.
    • Proper sitting ergonomics
    • Proper lifting techniques
    • Tips to improve posture
    • Stretches
    • Exercises
    • Food recommendations to decrease fatigue

  • Chiropractic Care

    Skamania Chiropractic and Rehabilitation’s goal is to help facilitate the body’s ability to adapt to an ever-changingenvironment.
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    We treeat a variety of conditions of the spine (neck, upper and lower back) and extremities. We direct you through every underlined issue.
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